Alessandro Coli is one of the new generation’s most promising and gifted singer­songwriters. His easy flowing lyrics have a strong International breath mark.
He was born in Santarcangelo di Romagna in 1997 and has been a music lover since he was a five­year­old child, when one day, while he was browsing in the cellar, he found some old Queen records which belonged to his father and, from that moment on, his passion for music started growing more and more by listening to Freddie Mercury's music.
He has participated to a famous TV show on one of the most important nationwide Italian channels, where his musicianship has immediately been detected and, in 2011, after having spent a year in the recording studio, Alessandro released his first single "Sento che", which was produced by Adriano Pennino.
In only 10 days the single topped the Italian radio charts and was a top 30 hit for over a month. Soon after, this brought him to perform on stage during many radio events.
After the great success obtained with his single, his first digital EP "Senza Paura", distributed by Sony Music, was released.
The sudden success achieved at the very young age of 15 didn't stop Alessandro from starting to work on his next new record.
He looks for producers in the U.S., who, together with him, are able to give life to his new stories told in music. Alessandro Coli has strongly stepped on the accelerator of his passions, due to the widespread success had with his first impressive EP, his young age and the full approval by all medias, whose credibility, with this new project of his, can only strengthen, since Alessandro’s success is far from being ephemeral.
What above all grows, is his outstanding value as an author and the presence of poetic characters in his lyrics, who come to life through his explosive, emotional, passionate and gritty way of singing, together with a youthful biting sweetness.
“My religion” is the first song of this new project that will amaze you.

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